What is holding your company from Adopting / Embracing eAWB? – We can assist you

Every IATA Member Airline and most members of the air cargo logistics chain have the ability to send FWB's errrr…...eAWB's. So, what is holding the robust adoption of eAWB back? Current adoption level is at 39.6% versus a year-end target of 56%. With four months to go, will this target be achieved? It depends on who you talk to, but personally, I am optimistic that work in progress will allow a success.

However, I think it's time to gain a full understanding of why the adoption rate is dismally so low. I strongly believe that responding to the threat posed by eTailers coupled with Regulatory enforcement will quickly move all supply chain members to move on this industry critical eAWB / e-freight initiative.
So, what is holding your company up?

There are 12 Supply Chain Members in the Air Cargo world. They are:

- Shipper                                                               - Origin Forwarder
- Post Offices                                                        - General Sales Agent at Origin
- Origin Ground Handling Agents                   - Origin Customs and Regulating Authorities
- Origin Security Agencies                                 - Destination Ground-Handling Agents
- Destination Security Agencies                       - Destination Customs and Regulators
- Destination Forwarder                                    - Consignee.

Some Supply Chain Members have indicated that costs, lack of regulatory pressure and inability to quantify the benefits are some of the reasons for the slow adoption. Whatever, your reasons are, we can assist you to prepare for eAWB adoption and get ready for the European Union’s implementation of the Union Customs Code - UCC by the end of 2020. The UCC is designed to complete the shift to a paperless and interoperable Customs environment; offer greater legal certainty and uniformity to businesses; and simplify Customs rules and procedures to make transactions more efficient, modern and faster.



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