Keys To Success

Keys To Success

Meeting Millennial and Screenager Generations Service Needs who are tomorrow’s customers (Generation Y – 92M in the USA and 240M in China, born between 1980 - 2000) and Screenagers (Generation Z – born in 1995 and after) will be crucial to the success of future air cargo partners. Their habits, needs and wants are totally different from today’s Lost Generation (born between 1966 – 1976) and the Baby Boomer Generation.

The Millennials are:

  • The largest cohort since the Baby Boomers
  • More radically and ethnically diverse than other Generations
  • Incredibly sophisticated, technology wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches and comfortable sharing their entire life online, with "Let me take a Selfie," their catchphrase.
  • Very segmented as an audience due to the rapid expansion of Cable TV channels, Satellite radio, the Internet, e-zines etc.
  • Are less brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led them to be similarly flexible and changing in its fashion, style consciousness and where and how it is communicated with
  • More involved in family purchases...everything from groceries to new cars.

Whilst the Screenagers are:

  • Described as “First Tribe of True Digital Natives" or “Screenagers"
  • They are growing up in a highly diverse environment will make this generation the most diverse ever
  • Higher levels of technology will make significant inroads in academics allowing for customized instruction, data mining of student histories to pinpoint diagnostics and remediation or accelerated achievement opportunities
  • They are growing up in a highly sophisticated media and computer environment and will be more Internet savvy and experts than their Gen Y forerunners


Is your company ready and geared up to satisfy the requirements and demands of these new generations which are the key to your company's future success?  We can work with you and your team members to map out and assist you to develop your strategies to meet and satisfy their requirements in these changing times.

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