eAWB / CargoIQ / e-freight – Cost effective messaging transparency costs

eAWB / CargoIQ / e-freight - Cost effective messaging transparency costs is critical for e-commerce success, which is the backbone and foundation for growth in our industry now and in the future but we are challenged by the way we send data and adapt to change & new innovations. We lag far behind our passenger colleagues who have innovatively introduced:

  • e-ticketsshutterstock_408950551 (1)
  • Bar-coded boarding passes
  • Airport self-check-in kiosks
  • Inflight Wi-Fi
  • Reservation confirmations to Mobiles
  • On-line check-in
  • Electronic Boarding passes on Mobiles   etc.



These items have enhanced passenger experience during their trips.

Similar breakthroughs are required on the cargo side of the industry and are long overdue. 

The adoption of e-Commerce, Paperless processes, customized services, quick & positive reaction to changing trends in addition to teamwork amongst supply chain members are vital for the survival of our industry

Historically, the air cargo industry have not been able to seamlessly communicate with other members of the supply chain, be it Shippers, Forwarders, Post Offices, Customs, Security Authorities, Other Regulators, GHA’s, GSA’s & Consignees

We can assist with sourcing the implementation of cost effective ecommerce integration platform that easily handles eAWB and e-freight and others.





The air cargo industry have relied on middlemen (Cargo Communication Service – CCS) Providers over the years with the cost of translating these messages back & forth for transmission to the Supply Chain members has been one of the major contributory factors to the slow adoption  of e-AWB, e-freight and the removal of paper from the shipping process

The pace of adoption of the e-Air Waybill (e-AWB) and e-freight must accelerate. It is a shame that e-AWB is nothing more that an FWB that most airlines have the capability of sending, yet at the end of 2015, e-AWB penetration stood at 36%.

It currently stands at 37.2% and if more aggressive action is taken by airlines, the IATA

2016 Year-end Target of 56% can easily be reached.

We can assist to implement cost effective Cloud based processes in both the CargoIMP and CargoXML messaging formats that allows the senders to maintain their in-house   systems and effectively communicate seamlessly with other Supply Chain members

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This Cloud based system also offers the following benefits in addition to cost effectiveness:

  • Message content verification for timeliness and accuracy (Postal Codes etc.)
  • Automated shipping notifications and acknowledgements
  • Proactive alerting on delays fed into portals and/or email/SMS
  • Analytics that supports both real time and historical data


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