Cargo Strategy & Business Planning

Strategy Planning & Business Development is a key element and essential part of any company’s success. Keeping up with changing times is essential to survival.
Our industry is NOT renowned for embracing change voluntarily, but we are quick to react to changes imposed on us by Regulatory Authorities.


With the demands of Generations X / Y / Z changing rapidly PLUS their impact on e-Tailing (especially “Millennials – Gen Y” & “Screenagers – Gen Z”), coupled with 3D & 4D Printing that brings local manufacturing closer to the scene and can change air cargo shipment movements and the Internet of Things – IOT, members of the Air Cargo Supply Chain MUST voluntarily embrace change through their Strategic & Business Planning process.

Amazon, Alibaba and other e-Tailers have reacted very quickly and positively to these market factors and are even getting involved in air transportation given Amazon’s recent purchase of B767F freighters.

We can assist medium and small airlines / forwarders / GSA’s / GHA’s prepare to take on these challenges through effective strategic business planning.

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